Getting Things Done & Email Productivity

David Allen believes he mastered the art of Getting Things Done.  In his book, he puts forward some valuable tips.  One in particular is how to handle email.  Before I outline his email process, however, I will explain his philosophy regarding stress free productivity.  As I applied several of his techniques, my own stress decreased,Continue reading “Getting Things Done & Email Productivity”

Morning & Night Routines for Success

I am a huge advocate for “setting the stage.”  What I mean by this is organizing yourself and the objects around you to make your life easier and to support success.  When dealing with big projects, this means drawing up a plan and figuring out how best to tackle it.  Another example of setting theContinue reading “Morning & Night Routines for Success”

Think and Grow Rich: Leadership Attributes

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, explains what he considers to be the major qualities all strong leaders must possess.  I outline these eleven characteristics below with my interpretation of what each means.  Before we get to that, I want to highlight a specific quote from the book which explains what I consider toContinue reading “Think and Grow Rich: Leadership Attributes”

5 Difficult People & How to Handle Them

Ages ago I read a book called Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and it imparted on me the idea of a toxic energy dump.  For me a toxic energy dump is a place where, or moment when, the interactions with others leave you feeling like you took a nosedive from aContinue reading “5 Difficult People & How to Handle Them”

Difference Between Reasons & Excuses

Last week I posted an article on how success can make others feel mediocre.  I started by sharing a list of excuses I made for not achieving my weight loss goals after seeing a colleague’s weight loss success.  This got me thinking about excuses.  I recall a conversation with a friend I felt also madeContinue reading “Difference Between Reasons & Excuses”

Success Can Make Others Feel Mediocre

A colleague of mine lost a lot of weight.  She changed how she eats, how she exercises and many other aspects of her daily life to accomplish this goal.  Two things happened when I saw her for the first time in a couple of years.  First, I was blown away by the dramatic change andContinue reading “Success Can Make Others Feel Mediocre”

Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Introversion is a popular topic lately, and I appreciate that since I am an introvert.  When I started down the business and leadership track, I realized that I had to disregard my natural introverted tendencies and be willing to jump into networking events.  These events exhausted me and I dreaded lengthy work trips where I was expected toContinue reading “Introvert’s Guide to Networking”

From Courage to Confidence

I was honored to attend the Executive Women’s Forum National Conference this year.  It was empowering to be surrounded by over 300 women who have taken on leadership roles in the IT world.  While the women I met were outstanding, the highlight of the conference was the keynote speakers.  One of whom was Mary Burke. Continue reading “From Courage to Confidence”

How to Write a Post Interview Thank You

Few people send post interview thank you letters even though it is common career advice.  I always encourage doing this because it is a fantastic way to keep your name in the minds of potential employers.  There are many sample letters available online and they typically suggest to reinforce your core strengths and the valueContinue reading “How to Write a Post Interview Thank You”

Thinking by Walter Wintle

Every once in a while something will come into my awareness on multiple occasions during a short period of time.  When this happens, I take note, especially when it’s something that is new to me. I’ve found that these situations offer me personal meaning.  Some friends tease that I’m superstitious, and I am, but in these instances I tend to feelContinue reading “Thinking by Walter Wintle”