From Courage to Confidence

I was honored to attend the Executive Women’s Forum National Conference this year.  It was empowering to be surrounded by over 300 women who have taken on leadership roles in the IT world.  While the women I met were outstanding, the highlight of the conference was the keynote speakers.  One of whom was Mary Burke.  Mary gave a speech on her experiences campaigning as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Wisconsin in the 2014 election.  Her presentation was engaging and held several life lessons, but one in particular stood out to me. Continue reading

How to Write a Post Interview Thank You

Few people send post interview thank you letters even though it is common career advice.  I always encourage doing this because it is a fantastic way to keep your name in the minds of potential employers.  There are many sample letters available online and they typically suggest to reinforce your core strengths and the value you plan to bring to the hiring position.  In other words, they want you to sell yourself one last time and this is great advice. 

I want to take it step further – use this letter for damage control too.  When I ask people how they feel about an interview, I sometimes hear “Great.  It went perfect!” but more often, I hear, “Good, but…”  Continue reading

Thinking by Walter Wintle

Every once in a while something will come into my awareness on multiple occasions during a short period of time.  When this happens, I take note, especially when it’s something that is new to me.

I’ve found that these situations offer me personal meaning.  Some friends tease that I’m superstitious, and I am, but in these instances I tend to feel guided.  Whether that guidance is my subconscious settling my attention on things that could trigger a conscious lesson or something more intuitive, I’ve benefited from these moments. Continue reading

10 Powerful Things to Say at Work

Communication is hugely important at work because nothing is done in a bubble.  How you interact with your co-workers and what you choose to say, shapes how others perceive you.  Here is a list of 10 powerful things to say at work starting with five questions and followed by five statements.  Using them can increase both meaning and purpose to the many conversations you have from day to day. Continue reading

Lobby & Negotiate Your Position

During a meeting with my peers and leadership I presented a recommendation that made perfect sense to me.  It seemed like a no-brainer because I made a clear case for it and it fit nicely into the puzzle we were trying to solve.  I expected everyone to agree with me, but that’s not what happened.  My idea fell awkwardly flat.  The kind of flat that left me considering how to help everyone save face. Continue reading

Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Desire

Last week I watched a video on Facebook that brought out strong reactions from viewers.  It showed a man holding a scratcher lottery ticket that was worth $500.  The video consists of him walking up to four people individually – so there are four clips made into one video.  Two of the interactions occurred in seemingly affluent locations and with men who were well dressed.  The other two took place in parking lots with first a homeless man and then a homeless woman.

He told each person that he was blind and that his mom sent him a $500 winning scratcher ticket.  Continue reading

4 Tips to Transform Envy

Having a competitive spirit can be a double edged sword.  It can push you to constantly challenge yourself and face issues head on, but it can also lead to confidence reducing comparisons and envy.  You may recall that I warned against comparisons in my post 6 steps to starting a mentor relationship.  I gave this warning from personal experience because I am well acquainted with the habit.  Even though I love that my competitive nature drives me to set fresh goals in my career and personal life, I dislike that it so easily leads me to compare myself with certain people. Continue reading