10 Powerful Things to Say at Work

Communication is hugely important at work because nothing is done in a bubble.  How you interact with your co-workers and what you choose to say, shapes how others perceive you.  Here is a list of 10 powerful things to say at work starting with five questions and followed by five statements.  Using them can increaseContinue reading “10 Powerful Things to Say at Work”

Lobby & Negotiate Your Position

During a meeting with my peers and leadership I presented a recommendation that made perfect sense to me.  It seemed like a no-brainer because I made a clear case for it and it fit nicely into the puzzle we were trying to solve.  I expected everyone to agree with me, but that’s not what happened. Continue reading “Lobby & Negotiate Your Position”

Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Desire

Last week I watched a video on Facebook that brought out strong reactions from viewers.  It showed a man holding a scratcher lottery ticket that was worth $500.  The video consists of him walking up to four people individually – so there are four clips made into one video.  Two of the interactions occurred in seemingly affluentContinue reading “Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Desire”

4 Tips to Transform Envy

Having a competitive spirit can be a double edged sword.  It can push you to constantly challenge yourself and face issues head on, but it can also lead to confidence reducing comparisons and envy.  You may recall that I warned against comparisons in my post 6 steps to starting a mentor relationship.  I gave thisContinue reading “4 Tips to Transform Envy”

Grit is the Key to Long Term Success

Typical discussion on accomplishing big dreams leads one to believe that all you need is to set a series of S.M.A.R.T. goals.  This means goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.  This is good advice, but it is only half of the equation – the tactical part.  The other half is the inspiredContinue reading “Grit is the Key to Long Term Success”

How to Host Productive Meetings

I lead a team of engineers who manage and build multiple products.  I frequently attend meetings that require me to speak about these products, how they are used and make decisions regarding our changing environments.   Over the years, I learned how to participate in meetings with engineers, business partners and/or senior leaders in ways that facilitateContinue reading “How to Host Productive Meetings”

6 Steps to Starting a Mentor Relationship

Are there people who inspire you?  Who motivate you to improve yourself?  Stretch yourself?  Challenge yourself?  Perhaps it is somebody you personally know or an accomplished person in your company.  Maybe it is a person you see at the gym or a Facebook friend.  Whoever this person is, find a way to use the energyContinue reading “6 Steps to Starting a Mentor Relationship”

Impact of Fees: Mutual vs Index Funds

Tony Robbin’s did it again.  He sensed complacency and used a simple story to send a meaningful message.  That message is to wake up and pay attention to your financial well-being! I have a question for you – can you tell me the difference between a mutual fund and index fund?  Just two weeks agoContinue reading “Impact of Fees: Mutual vs Index Funds”

The Optimist’s Creed

Typically I am the fearless leader of the peppy parade and I love it.  However last weekend I felt a noticeable dip in my energy levels.  I caught myself entertaining poor quality thoughts, felt tired even though I did little physical activity, and got a headache which is uncommon for me. I quickly understood theContinue reading “The Optimist’s Creed”

Change Your Mind for the Better

Recently somebody told me she wanted to change her financial circumstances for the better.  This is exciting – the best kind of change is one that leads to improved comfort, abundance and joy.  My friend wants exactly these things, but there’s a catch. She wants these changes now and while I am sure she willContinue reading “Change Your Mind for the Better”