My 6 Keys to Happiness

Happiness is a choice. I know it’s cliché to say, but I have found it to be true. In the past I was often dissatisfied with life, in response I threw myself into work and volunteerism – signing up for all sorts of projects. Somewhere along the way, I associated happiness with accomplishment. I setContinue reading “My 6 Keys to Happiness”

Wealth Habits: Lessons from My Journey to Affluence

Those of us who didn’t grow up with silver spoons in our mouths usually share thought patterns about money that we need to overcome. When we don’t, we have difficulty sustaining the wealth we accrue. There are plenty of stories of the person who won the lottery only to be bankrupt years later. An exampleContinue reading “Wealth Habits: Lessons from My Journey to Affluence”

4 Defense Mechanisms that Emerge During Difficult Conversations

In life you will have to say things you’d rather not say. This could be for the betterment of a family, work group, or social circle.  Having difficult conversations is a sign of personal growth and shows a desire to help others with their growth.  It’s a teaching role, and it’s challenging.

Oprah’s Productivity Rules

Fast Company’s November 2015 issue shared with its readers the “secrets of the most productive people.”  Oprah Winfrey graced the cover, and expressed her productivity secrets throughout an interview with J.J. McCorvey on how she resuscitated her once struggling OWN network. The start of the article tells how McCorvey was caught off guard when OprahContinue reading “Oprah’s Productivity Rules”