Delay Gratification: Lesson From Buying a Gucci Handbag

We live in an instant gratification society, and it’s ruining our value system. After making a purchase, I would enjoy the item thoroughly for a week or so and then become either dissatisfied or bored with it and consider what I should buy next. This was the case for small and large purchases. I approached my material acquisitions like they were a goal. I thought, “OK, I have this item, what else is on my wish list?”

Thinking like this diminished my appreciation for what I have. Rather than being in the present with my belongings, I was constantly looking at what I didn’t have and living in the future. This was a source of discomfort because I always felt like I was lacking something. Which is a complete shame because I own many wonderful things. Continue reading

Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Dave Ramsey’s name popped up on several YouTube channels I follow, then I noticed it at the library, and not a week later a friend made reference to him during an unexpected visit. I don’t believe in coincidence, but rather see these synchronicities like bread crumbs leading me someplace I should go. For that reason, I started to look into Dave Ramsey and his message for obtaining financial security. Continue reading

You’re the Villain When You Force Your Rules on Others

Somebody who used to be close with my family thinks I’m a villain. Ok, maybe not that I’m an outright villain, but definitely that I’m a bad guy. For the time that we were close, I gave advice and friendship by encouraging her personal development. My typical advice was along the lines of, be respectful of others, make prudent choices, get active and involved, give more than you get, start with small goals to build momentum for large goals, etc. Essentially, I gave to her the exact same content that I write about here. I was being myself and offering the rules I live by – and that’s the problem. I repeatedly offered the rules I live by. Continue reading

My Decision to be a Working Mom & How I Cope With It

A friend and I met for coffee during her first week at work after being on maternity leave for two months.  Before the baby came, she thought she’d be eager to return to work, but she soon realized that was not the case.  Instead, she was distressed.  She yearned to be home with her baby, even though she loved the adult interaction, feelings of accomplishment, and financial reward that came from working.  Continue reading