Listen to Your Inner Critic: It’s giving you tough love

As an advocate for positive thinking, I have spent a fair deal of time silencing my inner critic. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a remnant from my willful dismissal of the outrageous thoughts I had  while suffering from depression; and secondly, it’s a fearful reaction of wanting to shut down negativity before it grows. These efforts have undoubtedly helped me to more fully appreciate where I am in life. Yet that nagging voice wouldn’t go away no matter how much I tried to ignore it.

In April I read From Business Woman to Housewife: My Journey to Finding Inner Peace by Mina Irfan. After many years of trying to silence this critic, Mina’s book introduced me to an entirely new way of handling this internal audience (a term coined by Dr. Doug Lisle). She writes, “Impressing our internal audience raises our self-esteem…. It’s almost ironic since this mechanism came to exist through millions of years of evolution so that we can make the right decisions when it came to impressing our clans, tribes, or communities, which increased our rate of survival. As long as we make diligent effort to impress our internal audience, our self-esteem will continue to rise, and it will matter less and less what others actually think of us.” She decided to listen to her internal audience and pursue actions that would take the power out of its criticisms. Continue reading

Get a Side Hustle

My journey to abundance is taking all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. It started with going underwater on my mortgage, took a detour into credit card and car loan territory, explored high end consumerism and then crossed into Ramsey land with the precise goal of getting debt free. I have also downsized my belongings, which encourages spending less. While spending less is a sure-fired way to increase net worth over time, my urgency to be debt free got me thinking about how I could speed up my progress. Continue reading

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The KonMarie method for decluttering your home was developed by Marie Kondo. She describes it succinctly on page 1 of her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She writes, “Start by discarding. Then organize your space, thoroughly, completely, in one go.” Next she makes the bold claim that if you take her approach, you will not rebound into a cluttered state.

It just so happens that I love sorting and organizing all manner of things. I learned about the KonMarie method during a flight home from work travel and was thrilled that it was a Friday afternoon because I was ready to tackle my home promptly after arriving. Admittedly, I didn’t think I’d have much to do since my family already has a rhythm for semi-annual edits on our belongings. I was wrong! I was surprised by the outcome of using the KonMarie method. Continue reading