You Don’t Really Own Your Things

Since becoming a follower of Dave Ramsey months ago, I’ve watched hours of video on his YouTube channel.  On multiple occasions, he’s said that he is only the steward of his money.  He believes it all belongs to God, and that it’s his job to oversee it during the time it is in his possession.  Honestly, I never cared much for that sentiment.  My thinking better aligned with – my money and things belong to me.  I worked for them, I maintain them and they are mine. Continue reading

Honor Your Loved Ones

Three weeks ago I was filled with excitement for a family trip to Germany.  We packed up, grabbed our passports and hitched a ride to the airport.  After 10 exhausting hours on a direct flight from Denver to Munich, we met up with my beautiful German family.  We were only half delirious as we navigated the Bavarian country side to our vacation rental.  We laughed as we passed several McDonald’s, joking that our travel companion (who has a very American palate) would not starve if the local cuisine didn’t suit him.

I wanted to focus this post on fun aspects of our trip, tips for traveling with young kids, the importance of keeping family connections alive even over great distances.  However, on our 8th day in Germany, I received the tragic news that my father passed away.  Just a few hours later we were speaking with Lufthansa seeking the first flight home.  I was blessed to be surrounded by family when I got the news, but in my heart I knew I had to be with my sister.  I hurried home to be with her. Continue reading