Signs and Wonders

In the Old Testament God got Moses attention by showing him a burning bush.  Today if someone saw that, they would imagine a kid playing with matches and douse the bush with water. If they watched long enough to notice it wasn’t going out, they’d wisely call 911 thinking it was a dangerous chemical fire.  I wonder, how would a sign from above play out during this day in age?

I believe in everyday miracles.  In other words, events that happen on a daily basis which contain significant meaning for the person witnessing it.  Here’s an example from a book I read years ago (I am wracking my brain for the title and I will link it when I remember it): A young woman was accepted to both Harvard and Yale Universities.  She was conflicted as to which school to attend.  She discussed it with her dad who suggested that the answer would come to her.  They ordered pizza for dinner that night and as she opened the door to pay the delivery driver she noticed he was wearing a maroon Harvard sweatshirt.  It could have been a coincidence, but she felt keenly that it was a message to her.  She had no regrets as she enrolled for Harvard classes that fall.

Personally I’ve had similar experiences.  As a more mundane example, when I was shopping for a  car in 2014 I was drawn to the Honda Pilot while my husband pushed for the Toyota Highlander.  I simply couldn’t make up my mind, so I prayed for guidance.  That day, I was thinking of my car dilemma while thumbing through my copy of Silent Power and I noticed that my finger landed on the words “rolling blocks”.  Now if you are not familiar with these vehicles, you should know that the 2014 Pilot is about as boxy as an SUV can come.  I laughed and, as though to nail the point home, we did not see a single Highlander but maybe 30 Pilots on the drive home from work that night.  This may sound unimportant, but we commute about 15 miles one way and Toyota Highlanders are hugely popular here.  After this I confidently made my choice.

Having experienced these types of affirmations, not only when car buying, but in several scenarios, I sought this comfort before we flew to Germany.  I felt anxious about the long flight and the relatively recent attacks in Munich.  A couple days before our departure I asked for a sign that we were safe to go.  This is what happened…

The Saturday morning before our Sunday flight, I drove to the nearest grocery store to get breakfast since I had emptied the fridge in preparation for our trip.  During the drive I saw a hot air balloon that was made of fabric segments which were the same colors as the German flag.  I knew this sign was meant for me.  You see, the little town my Oma lived in was known for hot air balloons.  They were an iconic part of the town history and today they have a museum dedicated to them.  As a little girl, I loved sitting in my Oma’s kitchen and looking out her window to see the hot air balloons prepping for takeoff atop the neighboring hill.  Throughout my life, hot air balloons have been a sentimental image that always bring a smile to my face.  I was so moved by this sign that I snapped a quick photo to show my husband when I got home from the store.

On my drive back home, I saw the same hot air balloon, but now it was dangerously close to ground.  I was afraid it was crash landing – what would that have meant?!? – I drove to where it touched down.  I saw the crew safely on ground and quickly dismantling the huge balloon.  After confirming everyone was ok, I noticed they had landed in the Columbine Church of Christ parking lot.  This was also noteworthy.

You see, a new age blogger I closely followed recently made an abrupt conversion to Christianity.  She was pleading a case that moved me to start studying a religion both my parents had turned away from.  This blogger’s unexpected change of faith stunned and inspired me into reading the Bible.  In all honesty, this change was awkwardly received by my family.  Nobody discouraged me, but I sensed friction.  Because of this, I stayed reserved on this topic.  This is why the abrupt landing of the hot air balloon in the church parking lot was not lost on me.

As with many symbols, this all took on a deeper meaning when I finally had a chance to sit and reflect on the last month.  You see, the night I received the news of my dad’s passing, I prayed while everybody else slept.  I prayed for my dad to know the depth of my love for him.  I prayed to Jesus to wrap my father in a loving embrace.  I prayed for myself, asking for guidance on how to honor him and for forgiveness for any time I may have let him down or caused him heartache.  During the night that marked the abrupt ending of our vacation, I feel like I crash landed into my Christian faith.

I’m forging into new ground for me, since I’ve practiced New Age Spirituality for so many years, but I feel encouraged to share my testimony with you and my belief that those ironic and peculiar coincidences are more than coincidence.  They are modern day wonders.

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