Speak with Confidence

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  How untrue!  I get that this phrase is meant to instill a greater self-worth and confidence so that mean words roll off your back.  In truth, however, words do hurt and they are powerful.  They can help or harm your life.  They can lead to a beautiful marriage, or a divorce.  They can inspire someone to take on a monumental challenge, or walk away from it.  Ultimately words can nurture progress or regression. 

Lately I’ve represented my needs and opinions inadequately.  After speaking in meetings, I sense that rather than supporting my cause, I’ve done it a disservice.  I care about my work and how I’m perceived so I decided to research speaking with confidence and stumbled across a YouTube video that helped me.  As the speaker enumerated each point, I felt like a culprit.  Now being aware of what to do differently, I amended the way I speak and I’m seeing quick improvements.  Continue reading