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How can I help you?

At Picture It Personal Finance, I help motivated professionals achieve their financial goals while maintaining things they value. My clients see significant results across 3 key personal finance spaces: budgeting, debt reduction, and planning for the future.

Where is my money going every month?

Every penny counts, so let’s figure out where your pennies are going. By building a personalized budget, I show you how to stretch your dollars and make every one of those pennies work for you!

Why can’t I get ahead with my finances?

Debt is a burden, and it sets you behind. Establish a plan to get out from under it. When unwanted debt is gone, your money works even harder to make you the master of our destiny!

What do I have to show for all my hard work?

You already know how to work hard for what you want. Now do the math and instill discipline with your money so that you can afford anything. With a firm plan, the sky’s the limit!

What clients are saying

Christina is great at identifying your strengths and weaknesses, makes herself available to your needs, set realistic goals, and encourages you throughout the whole process.

Chirag M, New York

‚ÄčI had an hour phone call with Tina and she shed so much light on how I can make my money work better for me.  Though I consider myself already a savvy person when it comes to money…she has more information than I could gather on my own.

Jeri B, Montana


Picture It Personal Finance is run by a Ramsey Solutions Financial Coach Master Training graduate.

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