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How I help!

At Picture It Personal Finance, I help professionals and entrepreneurs gain control over their finances. Together we make money management simple and clear so that you can really see what’s going on. This reduces stress, anxiety, fear and shame! You can stop feeling like you’ve let your money run amok. Replace those feelings with confidence, security and assurance that you’re making good decisions!

Where is my money going every month?

The foundation of money management is a personalized budget and framework of accounts that is unique to your needs. I teach cash flow and show you how to focus your money to make fast progress!

How can I feel better about my finances?

Resetting your money mindset is important. We unearth why you impulse buy and overspend, then tweak your habits to align with your values. Value driven spending makes you happier.

What do I have to show for all my hard work?

Armed with a monthly budget and known values, we set goals to create your dream life. I teach basics of asset protection, investing, and handling emergencies, so nothing derails you along the way.

What clients are saying

Christina is great at identifying your strengths and weaknesses, makes herself available to your needs, set realistic goals, and encourages you throughout the whole process.

Chirag M, New York

‚ÄčI had an hour phone call with Tina and she shed so much light on how I can make my money work better for me.  Though I consider myself already a savvy person when it comes to money…she has more information than I could gather on my own.

Jeri B, Montana


Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT) certified Financial Coach.

Bookkeeper Business Launch certified Bookkeeping Professional.

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