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My Personality

From the start I have been goal oriented.  Throughout my youth this meant going to school, doing extra-curricular experiments, keeping up with housework and reading lots and lots of books.  Even as the youngest, I was considered dependable and responsible.  This was not something I did for pride or recognition, it is simply who I am.

As I became more aware of others around me, I realized that my natural tendencies and ability for goal setting were not intuitive to others.  Starting in high school, peers would seek me out for study tips – which was not the coolest label, but I owned it!  As my life changed, I would still get advice requests but the topics changed ranging from university programs, how to handle work projects as well as personal and professional goal setting.

I helped them because they asked and it made me feel good.  It took a while for me to figure this out, but helping others develop doesn’t just feel good, it is my greatest satisfaction.  I love connecting people with new ideas, partners, and goals which are fulfilling to them.  This is how I slowly realized my passion!

My Passions

Simply put, my passions are helping others and myself with:

  • Continuous Learning
  • Personal Finance
  • Organization, Planning & Goal Setting
  • Pursing a deeper relationship with God

My Past

Growing up, my family moved every few years because my father was in the military.  We lived in several US states and European countries.  I am grateful that I was immersed in the different cultures.  This started my curiosity for people and history which naturally extended from my inherent desire to learn.  Since I was shy, moving was difficult for me and I often felt friendless.  I took solace in school work, daydreaming and novel reading from a very young age.  These have always been fun to me and I continue to this day.

The few friends I made I was loyal to and protective of, but I also felt I had to meet certain expectations of them and my family.  Over time I started to play the role of “Tina” rather than permit myself to evolve.  This changed when I left for college and pursued a B.A. in Physics and Astronomy.  The curricula was challenging, I worked at a grocery store deli nearly full time and I was 100% on my own.  I moved to a town with no friends or family and started over.  I was afraid and I made mistakes, but I learned about who I was and grew in leaps in bounds during those four years.

Like many in my generation, I returned home after college.  I felt beaten up from some of my poorer choices, ended a serious relationship and moved back in with my parents so that I could recuperate in a loving environment.  This was when I started with a Fortune 500 company at the entry level in one of its call centers.  After three years, and meeting my future husband, I was encouraged by him and a few wonderful managers to apply for a Leadership Development Program.

I did this and was accepted (on my second attempt) and relocated 800 miles away to the Twin Cities.  This was another terrifying experience, but I felt pulled to the opportunity and I did not resist.  The next seven years included five promotions/job changes, home-ownership, financial upheaval, an MBA, and marriage.  Wow!  So much happened it’s sometimes amazing to think about, especially since I started my new life in the Twin Cities with depression and panic attacks.

While I went through the motions of goal setting for my career and social life, I neglected my spiritual self. To this day I am grateful for my depression and panic attacks because they eventually helped me understand that I wanted to live not just exist.  I knew there had to be a way to happiness and not feel constant angst.  A dear friend recommended a book called Being Peace by Thich Nat Hanh, and this is when my journey truly began.

Since that book I have constantly sought deeper meaning and understanding of myself.  Why do I think the way I do, why do I react how I do, why do I love who I do, why do I dislike who I do and why, oh why, do I feel resistance when I want to feel freedom.

Answers started coming once I paid attention for them.  I became intrigued and frequently found synchronicities.  I no longer believe in coincidence, but rather in purpose.  So this brings me to now, a wife and mother of two living in Denver, to this blog and to my desire to share with the world what I learned and what I am learning now so that we can grow together.

Accepting Jesus into My Heart

After years as a New Age spiritualist, I invited Jesus into my life.  Not long after that, I decided it was time to read a very important book I had been avoiding – The Bible.  I tried reading it once in middle school, but as a non-believer and with an immature outlook, it was simply beyond me.  This time, I started with the New Testament with a goal to better understand Jesus and His views.  After reading the Gospels, practicing regular prayer, and having several encounters with the Holy Spirit, I am firm in my faith.  I will share my testimony at some point and I hope that it will express adequately the love I have for the Lord, and explain how I know He loves me even more.