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Conversation Starters: Talk Money with your Partner

Frequently in relationships, one person is more inspired to clean up finances and communicates it with such enthusiasm that their partner is likewise convinced.  This process may be quick or may take some time. Once I had my paradigm shift and strongly desired to become debt free, it took about six months for my husband andContinue reading “Conversation Starters: Talk Money with your Partner”

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Tidy Up & Build a Runway

When others heard that I gave my resignation and was leaving a corporate career after nearly two decades, several people expressed that I “was brave” and that they “couldn’t do what I’m doing” even if they wanted to. I totally understood them – I felt the exact same way just three years ago. I wasContinue reading “Tidy Up & Build a Runway”

Seven Principles for Success

There are seven principles that, when follwed, deliver the results you desire.  This is true whether your goal is tied to finances, fitness, career or your social life.  They are well known to everyone who has seen a measure of success in their lives, and most likely, you already know them too. Know what you want andContinue reading “Seven Principles for Success”

Tips for Handling Variable Income

Some people’s paychecks all look the same, and some people’s paychecks don’t. Those of you who work in sales or are self-employed likely understand exactly what I’m talking about.  When you are in a sales or entrepreneurial role, you usually experience variable income.  This makes budgeting harder, but also more important. The added complexity of irregular incomeContinue reading “Tips for Handling Variable Income”


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Hi, I’m Christina. Previously a VP in the IT industry, I became interested in personal finance and started this blog in 2016. While life and work got busy, my blog slowed, but my interest in personal finance continued to grow. I have a passion for this space, so I left my corporate job to become a full-time Personal Finance Coach in 2020. This site has grown from a blog to a business – I’m so happy you’re here!