Bookkeeping & Advisory Services

Picture It Personal Finance is here to help you feel in control of your money! Quit stressing about your business budget, whether or not you can afford to hire help or make that investment. Learn to pay yourself consistently and ensure you stay profitable. This way you can focus on the work you started your business to do, and then take time away to rest like a boss.



Let me lighten your load so that you can run your business and then go home for the night. You’ll get rid of the nagging feeling that your books are out of date. You’ll receive monthly or quarterly financial statements. This makes filing taxes easier, and arms you with the info you need to make decisions for your business. Service includes:

  • Recording, classifying, and posting transactions
  • Reconciling account balances
  • Financial statement preparation 
    • Balance Sheet – shows what your company is worth
    • Income Statement – shows net income for specific time period
    • Statement of Cash Flows – shows where cash came from and where it went
  • Customized chart of accounts
  • Adjusting entries
  • Yearend financials for your tax preparer
  • Accounts receivable & invoicing
  • Accounts payable and bill pay
  • Location and class tracking

Virtual CFO

I love digging into the numbers, and that means you can take advantage of that! The service includes in-depth review and analysis of your financial statements. This gets presented to you in a digestible way. You will understand what the numbers are telling you! This is oh so important because it helps you make smart money decisions. You’ll know where your money is coming from, where it is going, and whether or not that activity is improving your business.  Services include:

  • Budgeting with cash flow forecasting
  • Benchmarking for services
  • Benchmarking for locations
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Typically performed in conjunction with Bookkeeping Services

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Coaches & Consultants

You know your zone of genius. Maybe it’s business, health & wellness, marketing or lifestyle. Whatever it is, if it’s not bookkeeping consider working with me so that you can put your energy toward supporting your clients in the most quality way.

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Service Providing Solopreneurs

You want to go home at the end of the day to spend time with friends and family – not worry about your books. Let me help you. I can be your financial accountability partner, so that you stay focused on your talents and grow your business.

Let’s build something great together.