Business Owner

You started your business so you can freely do work you love in the way you want!

Now you’re struggling with the realities of being self employed. Namely…

  • Paying yourself consistently
  • Knowing when to give yourself a raise
  • Knowing what you can spend in your business
  • Being tax ready

As a small business owner, you want to grow and scale a profitable business. One that allows you to do what you love.


The problem is that it’s feast or famine. 

You don’t have control over your finances so 

you are always in reaction mode.


You work constantly, but don’t pay yourself regularly and you wonder, where are the fruits of my labor?


You may be asking yourself:

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Will I always struggle?
  • Can I really make this work?
  • Should I go and get a “real job”?

You probably brought this up to your Accountant or Banker for help, but they didn't feel relatable or safe. Instead they left you feeling even more unsure of what you are doing.

You worry about the future, but who can you talk to?

Hi, I’m Christina Edel.

Business Financial Coach, personal development and goal setting super fan, Star Trek binge watcher, author, soccer mom, and the best cook in the house.

I’m also a former VP with 15+ years experience at a major financial institution. I hold an MBA in Business Strategy and certifications for both Financial Coaching and Bookkeeping.

I can also be the person who helps you gain clarity & confidence over your money while growing your income.

Money Can Be Intuitive and Simple!

Once you have this clarity, you’ll feel more confident about your offers and pricing.


You won’t stress if you’re charging too much or too little for your services. 


You will know what you and your business realistically need to survive and thrive.  


This certainty will let your creativity, focus, and productivity blossom!



Many money gurus will make you feel bad for the choices you've made - not me! I give hope, guidance and a sense of empowerment.

It all starts with a conversation. I invite you to schedule a free Clarity Session today.