6 Questions That Can Help You Determine Your Calling

During a recent coffee date, a friend congratulated me on this blog.  She said it’s wonderful for me to share the content that I do, and that I am fortunate to have found a way to contribute to the world that is meaningful to me.  I felt honored by the compliment.  Then she told me she was happy with her life, but that she feels she is not pursuing her calling.  Furthermore, she has no idea what her calling is.

I love personal reflection and looking to more deeply know myself.  The idea of finding my calling has been on my mind since my late twenties.  I have read a plethora of articles and books on this very topic.  Below is a series of questions I feel helped me find some answers.  I advise people to consider them if they also want more clarity on how to align with their life’s purpose. Continue reading

How I Flipped the Script on My Fear

Here’s the thing about fear, it’s insidious.  It’s a weed that if not managed can quickly overrule your mind.  I know this, and because I know this I actively combat it.  In my life I have occasionally allowed fear to make my decisions for me, but more often I force myself to do what I think is right/good/smart despite my fear.  In fact, I’ve willfully taken on tasks that caused my knees to shake and heart to race nearly to the point of inducing a panic attack.  Even with this nature, with my guard up and a desire to fuel the world with good vibes and clarity, fear snuck up on me. Continue reading

Formula to Improve Confidence

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a profound book that teaches you how to leverage your creative powers to manifest your goals. I’ve previously a summary of Hill’s review on leadership qualities.  As a third topic, I want to share his Confidence Formula.  He encourages people to memorize, and then regularly repeat it to themselves. I think it’s too much to memorize (yes, I can be lazy), so I made a cheat sheet and keep it in my life planner for daily review.

During a spring vacation I fell out of the habit of reading it. Last week I stumbled across m cheat sheet while cleaning out my agenda. As I reviewed it, I got excited.  I remembered how this formula shifted the tone of my thinking which, in turn, shifted the overall tone of my day. Continue reading

Act When Inspired & Embrace How it Feels

Have you ever felt inspired to do something and time seems to dissolve when you get to work on it?  Not only do you get into a zone, but you also feel hypnotized by the work underway.  I’ve experienced this countless times in my life.  It started in school when doing science homework, usually leading to “a-ha! moments” when a complex lesson rooted into my understanding.  While I no longer study physics, I still experience this high-flying sensation when working, considering philosophy, and while writing.

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22 Things I’m Grateful For & 3 Tips to Stay Positive

An attitude of gratitude is foundational to an abundance mindset. Every morning and every night, I take a few minutes to count my blessings. Lately, I’ve noticed that many of the items I list are material in nature and cost substantial money including my handbags, my car, and my home. I love these things because I enjoy using them, they are comfortable to me, and they are meaningful symbols of my personal success.

That said, there are many other items that don’t cost money, or cost very little, which I am equally or more grateful for. Continue reading

Life Planners & Resolutions

Even though it’s March, it’s still a good time to discuss a topic usually reserved for January – setting resolutions and goals for the coming year.  I love making resolutions.  I have a motto that “every moment is a fresh start,” but I especially feel that way at the start of the year.
Every January, I transition to a new life planner and update it with important dates, a vision board and multiple lists that I refer back to throughout the year.  I believe there is power in writing out goals (the more specific, the better), and I use these lists to keep my decisions on par with my overarching desires as opportunities arise during the year.  I also use my planner for listing items I’m grateful.

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Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Introversion is a popular topic lately, and I appreciate that since I am an introvert.  When I started down the business and leadership track, I realized that I had to disregard my natural introverted tendencies and be willing to jump into networking events.  These events exhausted me and I dreaded lengthy work trips where I was expected to attend more than two events in a single week. Continue reading