Frequently Asked Questions

At Picture It Personal Finance we want motivated earners to hold a vision of their personal success and then help them align their priorities and decisions so that they achieve their definition of success. We leave room in the budget to enjoy the journey and celebrate progress!

What is Financial Coaching?

A Financial Coach helps clients understand the fundamentals of personal finance, and then guides them through actions needed for them to acheive their financial goals. Each client receives personalized plans for their specific circumstances. A coach also offers accountability to reinforce and refine those plans along the way. They build livable budgets that allow clients to make progress and enjoy the journey. Ultimately, coaches seek to empower clients to clean up their financial households so that they can pursue the life of their dreams. A Financial Coach is not a Financial Advisor, and cannot give clients specific investment advice or sell investment products. Financial Coaches connect you with financial information and then give insight on how to apply it to your life.

Why should I work with Picture It Personal Finance?

Financial management can feel overwhelming because there are countless resources and approaches. By working with Picture It Personal Finance, my experiences and training are at your service. People seek my help for the following reasons:

  • You are overwhelmed by student loan or other debt and can’t seem to make significant progress
  • You make “good money” yet still seem to rely on credit cards or live paycheck to paycheck
  • You are worried about how you would handle a financial emergency
  • You have multiple major goals and want reassurance that you are applying your resources wisely – debt repayment, home purchase, career transition, big vacation
  • Money is a major stressor between you and your significant other
  • You want to learn more about financial independence
  • You’re not sure how the choices you’re making today are impacting your future goals
  • You recently experienced or are about to experience a life change- marriage, divorce, graduation, job change, child birth
  • You have a plan, but can’t seem to stick to it and need accountability

How does the coaching process flow?

The coaching process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, we schedule a FREE Consultation to make sure your needs are understood, and that I’m the right person to help you. Second, we schedule a 2 hour Clarity Session. Ahead of this session, I send necessary forms that you must complete so that we can dig right into the heart of the matter once the meeting begins. Third, I provide you a written summary of the Clarity Session with recommendations on how to proceed within 48 hours of our meeting. From there, you can decide if further coaching sessions are desired, and schedule them at your convenience!

I can’t meet in person. Can we still work together?

Most definitely! I am thrilled to serve individuals and couples across the country. I am well versed at hosting virtual meetings. All we need is a computer/cell phone and the internet. Web conferencing is an option for all of my sessions. If you’re camera shy, no worries! I’m happy to work over the phone as well.

Can’t I figure this out myself? Why should I pay a Coach?

Chances are good that you’ve already tried. There is a lot of information at our fingertips. It can be overwhelming, and frankly, boring to many people. But not me! I love personal finance, I study it for fun and absorb it like people drink water. I can then provide you with the information most pertinent to you.

Another great comparison seeing a personal trainer or nutritionist. We could all hit the gym and design a meal plan, but many of us don’t. Or maybe we do, and then never stick to the plan. We hire personal trainers and nutritionists to tailor plans in support our goals, and then go back to them for accountability, motivation and insight when progress is slow.

It’s wise to get help from somebody who has a passion for managing money. Those who are naturally good with money won’t need my help, just as somebody naturally athletic and fit doesn’t need a personal trainer. There’s no shame in seeking support and guidance from the people best equipped to give it!

“Earning a lot of money is not the key to prosperity. How you handle it is.”

Dave Ramsey

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