Get Paid!

Are you ready for consistent pay even
when your sales aren't?

Then the Simple Process to Pay Yourself Consistently was created for you! 

This guide will give you a:

  • Smart way to set up your business accounts 
  • System for putting money in each account
  • Routine method to pay yourself
  • Trigger for giving yourself a raise
  • Overall confidence that your business finances are in order

This easy to understand process explains how you can set up regular self pay!

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Why listen to me?

Hi, I’m Christina Edel.

Business Financial Coach, personal development and goal setting super fan, Star Trek binge watcher, author, soccer mom, and the best cook in the house.


I’m also a former VP with 15+ years experience at a major financial institution. I hold an MBA in Business Strategy and certifications for both Financial Coaching and Bookkeeping. 


I help solopreneurs gain clarity & confidence over their money for both home and business.

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