Win With Money

I help Coaches and Consultants eliminate debt, build financial security, and pursue the future they want.

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Let’s Look Together

Sometimes we let things go too long, and then we’re afraid of what we’ll find. However, we both know that not looking won’t improve your life. It won’t prepare you for bills you know are coming. It won’t free you from a job you feel trapped in. It won’t help you scale your business. Ultimately, it won’t help you afford the future you want most. This is why, I offer to look with you to make sure you know:

  • It’s not as bad as you think it is. Everything is fixable.
  • This is a judgment free zone. Nobody’s perfect, we care about dreams and progress.
  • Action is required. To get the future you want, act like the person who has it.

Christina is great at identifying your strengths and weaknesses, makes herself available to your needs, sets realistic goals, and encourages you throughout the whole process.” C.M.

Clarity & Confidence

We’ll lay it all out for us to see… your income, your spending, your debts, your savings. Then we organize it so that keeping a budget is both straightforward and simple. You’ll know where your money is, and how it’s working to get you to the future you want.

Winning Mindset

Sometimes we find mental hangups along the way. Often we don’t even realize that they’re there – but don’t worry, we’ll work through them. We’ll also capture your personal values. On a financial journey, it’s important to make room for what you care most about.

Know Where You’re Going

Just like a road trip, you have to know your destination and then map out how to get there. We do this by capturing a 10 year vision for your home, work and social life…then we do the math. Don’t you want to know how much your dream life will cost?

Decision Making Made Easy

The best thing about looking at your current circumstances, knowing what you value, and having a vision for your future – is how much easier decision making becomes. Financial coaching arms you to make a lifetime of good financial choices.

“Though I consider myself already a savvy persona when it comes to money, there’s a reason she’s a professional, she has more information than I could gather on my own.” J.B.