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Win with Money

I help Coaches and Consultants eliminate debt, build financial security, and pursue the future they want.

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Let’s Look Together

Sometimes we let things go too long, and then we’re afraid of what we’ll find. However, we both know that not looking won’t improve your life. It won’t prepare you for bills you know are coming. It won’t free you from a job you feel trapped in. It won’t help you scale your business. Ultimately, it won’t help you afford the future you want most. This is why, I offer to look with you to make sure you know:

  • It’s not as bad as you think it is. Everything is fixable.
  • This is a judgment free zone. Nobody’s perfect, we care about dreams and progress.
  • Action is required. To get the future you want, act like the person who has it.

Attain Clarity & Confidence

By openly examining your income, spending, debts, and savings, we simplify budgeting. Understand where your money goes & how it shapes your future.

Foster a Winning Mindset

Uncover hidden mental barriers and align with your values. Allow your financial journey to accommodate what matters most, paving the way to success

Chart Your Course

Envision your ideal life in the next decade—home, work, and social aspirations. Then, let's crunch the numbers and reveal the cost of your dream lifestyle.

Simplify Decision Making

With insights into your current situation and future vision, sound financial choices become effortless. Empowering you with lifetime financial coaching.


Meet the Financial Coach

Meet Christina, a former Vice President at Wells Fargo, who courageously broke free from the corporate grind to pursue her passion for financial empowerment. After 18 years in the technology industry, she chose to redefine her life and create Picture It Personal Finance LLC.

Christina’s journey began with the desire to escape the stress and dissatisfaction of a materialistic lifestyle. With determination and a well-thought-out plan, she paid off her debts, organized her priorities, and celebrated every step of progress. Now, as a Financial Coach, she helps motivated individuals, including current and aspiring business owners, find clarity amidst their financial chaos. With her guidance, you can build a business and life you truly love by aligning your money with your values and dreams.

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