About Blog

Blog Purpose

Vision: Inspire individuals to be positive and productive while honoring and expressing my Christian faith.

Blog Mission: To engage readers on topics related to personal development and accountability, personal finance, organization, and a few other topics that catch my fancy.

Personal Mission:  To combine my passion for personal development and my joy for the written language in a manner that shares education, experiences and life lessons.

Audience:  People who want to develop internally and externally.  Internally through personal reflection, self-awareness, and the exploration of beliefs.  Externally through the pursuit of freedom, service, love and Christian understanding.

To learn more about me personally, click here.

Blog Schedule:

  • Weekly posts that are written when inspiration strikes.  I intent to post weekly, but sometimes my inspirational well runs dry.  On those weeks, I’d rather not post than deliver “filler” content.

Copyright Notice:

© Partial Copyright 2016-2017. You may copy the content of this blog for free providing you leave a link to this blog after each copied article.

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