Last Day at Corporate Job

Meet Christina Edel

Hello! I love this picture because it was taken on the last day of my corporate career! You see, I used to be a company girl. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, put in my time, get the title, and have a few flashy things to show for it. This is why I joined a leadership program with a Fortune 500 company and then hustled through an MBA. I defined my life around my corporate success, even when that success didn’t feel so great anymore.

After a while work started to drag me down. My heart wasn’t in it, not even a little bit. I had to finally admit the company girl was gone, and she wasn’t coming back. I wanted out, but I was trapped by my debt and inflated lifestyle. I wanted to start my own business, but first I needed a plan and a path to clean up my financial mess.

I figured all of that out, and after 18 years of working in technology and reaching the level of Vice President at Wells Fargo, I chose to leave corporate life and start Picture It Personal Finance LLC.

Today, I am a Financial Coach to people who are done with the stress and anxiety of winging it with their money and who are ready to manage it with purpose and intention.

I help motivated business owners (current or future) organize their money, plan ahead and put systems in place to build a business and life they love. I know from experience that with a vision and plan you can change your life in massive ways. To do this, you have to buck what you are told to want and decide what is truly important to you.

Then you have to:

  • Establish a plan & budget
  • Pay off debt
  • Organize your priorities
  • Celebrate progress

By the way, I help with all of these!

Free Resource: The Simple Process to Paying Yourself Consistently