Meet Christina Edel

Hello! The love of numbers and planning is part of my nature. Asking “why” and “what’s next” are my hallmarks. This prodded me to get a Bachelor degree in Physics and Astronomy, move cross country to join a leadership development program with a Fortune 500 company, and then pursue an MBA from Carlson School of Management. I climbed the corporate ladder, always seeking growth in responsibility and professionalism. After reaching the level of Vice President and accountability over critical technology that served over 300,000 end users, I chose to leave corporate life and start Picture It Personal Finance.

Today, I focus on being a great wife and mom, a caring friend, and … a trap spotting, cage breaking, freedom chasing advisor to anybody who wants to get away from “normal” to pursue a life that is shaped by their own definitions of success and fulfillment.

I teach others to understand that with a vision and plan any one of us can change our lives in massive ways. To do this, we have to buck what we are told to want and decide what is truly important to us.

Then we have to:

  • Establish a plan & budget
  • Pay off debt
  • Organize our priorities
  • Celebrate progress