Tidy Up & Build a Runway

When others heard that I gave my resignation and was leaving a corporate career after nearly two decades, several people expressed that I “was brave” and that they “couldn’t do what I’m doing” even if they wanted to. I totally understood them – I felt the exact same way just three years ago. I wasContinue reading “Tidy Up & Build a Runway”

Honor Your Loved Ones

Three weeks ago I was filled with excitement for a family trip to Germany.  We packed up, grabbed our passports and hitched a ride to the airport.  After 10 exhausting hours on a direct flight from Denver to Munich, we met up with my beautiful German family.  We were only half delirious as we navigatedContinue reading “Honor Your Loved Ones”

My Decision to be a Working Mom & How I Cope With It

A friend and I met for coffee during her first week at work after being on maternity leave for two months.  Before the baby came, she thought she’d be eager to return to work, but she soon realized that was not the case.  Instead, she was distressed.  She yearned to be home with her baby, even thoughContinue reading “My Decision to be a Working Mom & How I Cope With It”

Morning & Night Routines for Success

I am a huge advocate for “setting the stage.”  What I mean by this is organizing yourself and the objects around you to make your life easier and to support success.  When dealing with big projects, this means drawing up a plan and figuring out how best to tackle it.  Another example of setting theContinue reading “Morning & Night Routines for Success”