22 Things I’m Grateful For & 3 Tips to Stay Positive

An attitude of gratitude is foundational to an abundance mindset. Every morning and every night, I take a few minutes to count my blessings. Lately, I’ve noticed that many of the items I list are material in nature and cost substantial money including my handbags, my car, and my home. I love these things because I enjoy using them, they are comfortable to me, and they are meaningful symbols of my personal success.

That said, there are many other items that don’t cost money, or cost very little, which I am equally or more grateful for. I decided to make a list of 22 such items that never fail to fill my heart with a joy.

1. Hugs, especially from my kids
2. Perfectly timed jokes
3. A full night’s sleep
4. Reading a good book
5. The sound of rain falling
6. The feeling after you finish a big project
7. Drinking hot cocoa when it’s cold outside
8. Free flowing traffic!
9. Afternoon breaks – coffee anyone?
10. Lovely penmanship
11. A walk through the woods
12. Clear skin days
13. Cooking a dinner everybody enjoys eating
14. YouTube – lots of stimulating content
15. Holding hands with my husband
16. Watching children see something new & witnessing their reaction
17. Sitting in the grass on a sunny day
18. Helping a person in need
19. Flowers in bloom
20. Inspiring quotes
21. Camaraderie with friends and co-workers
22. Visiting with the people who mean the very most to me

After writing this list, I am smiling from ear to ear. That is the power of gratitude and it is the basis for feeling rich. Another point I want to make is how I try to maintain this feeling throughout the day so that I can keep a positive outlook. I do my best to align with the recommendations below.

Stop complaining – Admittedly I’m still working on this one. This habit was sown into me at an early age. I usually do pretty good at choosing not to gripe about what’s bothering me, but on some days I can’t resist. On the days I let it out, it is very clear to me how talking about my problems makes me feel worse and how it brings down the people around me. While deep rooted habits are hard to change, I’m committed to this one and you should be too.
Don’t watch the news – I stopped watching the news in 2010. At first people said I was hurting myself by not being informed, and yet I always knew when big things happened. More importantly, I was no longer being pummeled with the world’s tragedies every morning. It does not help me to know about children being abused, women getting raped, fires destroying homes or the terrifying state of world affairs (even just writing that sentence has caused a noticeable shift in how I feel). What does help me, and the world, is pursuing happiness and bringing lightness to everybody I come in contact with.
Limit time with negative people – Like a moth to a flame, I used to attract people who wanted me to help them feel better. In my eagerness to be helpful, I found that what they really wanted was to unload their burdens on me. I would give them heartfelt advice, only to watch them ignore it and make the same mistakes over and over. Then they would bring their burdens to me again. I felt worse for wear and learned that I cannot help people who won’t help themselves. Instead it’s best to reduce how much time I’m around them.

Between the habits listed above and remembering to count my blessings every morning and every night, I keep myself mostly cheerful and motivated. Try these habits and let me know how they work for you.

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