Know Your Nature to Change Your Story

Life consists of choices and consequences.  Unfortunately many of our choices are made on auto-pilot.  We make them because of lessons we learn as children, defensive thinking from bad experiences, or even willfulness born out of addictive or destructive habits.  In other words, we harden our thinking (and sometimes our hearts) because of beliefs we made up.  We tell ourselves this is who we are, but is it really? Continue reading

I Need to Watch my Big Mouth

“You’re killin’ me!”  I heard my four year old say this to my two year old and I cringed.  I have become uber-conscious of the words I use and I know this is a phrase I used often.  Recently I found the books of Florence Scovel Shinn.  Her primary work is The Game of Life and How to Play It.  I’m reading this now, and will review it with you once I’m done.  It’s typical for me to power through a series of books by a single author, once I form an interest in his/her writings.  To date I’ve read Shinn’s both The Power of the Spoken Word and The Magic Path of Intuition – which I loved.  They are very repetitive and seem to be comprised of Shinn’s personal notes and journal entries whereas The Game of Life is a standalone book she made with intention. Even so her message resonates so clearly with me, that I see the repetition as a boon. Continue reading

You Don’t Really Own Your Things

Since becoming a follower of Dave Ramsey months ago, I’ve watched hours of video on his YouTube channel.  On multiple occasions, he’s said that he is only the steward of his money.  He believes it all belongs to God, and that it’s his job to oversee it during the time it is in his possession.  Honestly, I never cared much for that sentiment.  My thinking better aligned with – my money and things belong to me.  I worked for them, I maintain them and they are mine. Continue reading

Reach for the Better Feeling Thought

Have you ever noticed how a feeling, either emotional or physical, occurs with almost every thought?  I had known from previous experiences how my emotions fluctuate with my thoughts, but I had not made the connection that passing thoughts can affect me physically.  I keep a to-do list and it usually grows, then shrinks, then grows and shrinks again.  Last week, however, was filled with unexpected meetings and my list kept growing and growing.  As I noticed this, and felt pressure to get everything done before I go on vacation in two weeks, I could feel my abs tighten.  This happened throughout the entire week.  On Friday, as I reviewed my list before the weekend, I felt my abs tighten again and I realized – this is probably what gives people ulcers. 

My very next thought was, I don’t want an ulcer!  I relaxed and then considered how other thoughts have caused different physical feelings.  When my husband pays me compliments, I feel a lightness in my chest.  When my kids work my last nerve, I feel tension in my shoulders.  When I hear something truly uplifting, I feel a wave of goosebumps. Continue reading

How I Flipped the Script on My Fear

Here’s the thing about fear, it’s insidious.  It’s a weed that if not managed can quickly overrule your mind.  I know this, and because I know this I actively combat it.  In my life I have occasionally allowed fear to make my decisions for me, but more often I force myself to do what I think is right/good/smart despite my fear.  In fact, I’ve willfully taken on tasks that caused my knees to shake and heart to race nearly to the point of inducing a panic attack.  Even with this nature, with my guard up and a desire to fuel the world with good vibes and clarity, fear snuck up on me. Continue reading

Fasting Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth It

One day I walked over to a friend who was sipping a spicy smelling lemonade.  As a serious lemonade lover, of course I commented and she then told me it was the recipe found in the Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.  Never having heard of the Master Cleanser or Burroughs before, she explained to me that it was a lemonade made from organic lemon juice, natural grade B maple syrup, distilled water and cayenne pepper.  She further explained it was formulated as a detox beverage and that the lemonade, water and herbal teas were all she would consume for 10 days. Continue reading

Formula to Improve Confidence

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a profound book that teaches you how to leverage your creative powers to manifest your goals. I’ve previously a summary of Hill’s review on leadership qualities.  As a third topic, I want to share his Confidence Formula.  He encourages people to memorize, and then regularly repeat it to themselves. I think it’s too much to memorize (yes, I can be lazy), so I made a cheat sheet and keep it in my life planner for daily review.

During a spring vacation I fell out of the habit of reading it. Last week I stumbled across m cheat sheet while cleaning out my agenda. As I reviewed it, I got excited.  I remembered how this formula shifted the tone of my thinking which, in turn, shifted the overall tone of my day. Continue reading