Speak with Confidence

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.  How untrue!  I get that this phrase is meant to instill a greater self-worth and confidence so that mean words roll off your back.  In truth, however, words do hurt and they are powerful.  They can help or harm your life.  They can lead to a beautiful marriage, or a divorce.  They can inspire someone to take on a monumental challenge, or walk away from it.  Ultimately words can nurture progress or regression. 

Lately I’ve represented my needs and opinions inadequately.  After speaking in meetings, I sense that rather than supporting my cause, I’ve done it a disservice.  I care about my work and how I’m perceived so I decided to research speaking with confidence and stumbled across a YouTube video that helped me.  As the speaker enumerated each point, I felt like a culprit.  Now being aware of what to do differently, I amended the way I speak and I’m seeing quick improvements.  Continue reading

How to Build Integrity

Last week I was putting up Christmas decorations.  In particular, I was swapping out some Thanksgiving decor from an herb window I have above my kitchen sink.  That window is also where I’ve placed my mom’s Swarovski crystal figurines that I inherited.  She loved them, and since I have only managed to keep one plant alive (ever!) I treat the herb window as a display case for the crystals.  The sun hits them and they throw rainbows around the room – it’s truly lovely.
As I made room for some light up snowmen and a tea light candle display, I moved around figurines only to notice that three of them were broken.  At first I thought – did I do this myself?  I couldn’t have, I was just touching them for the first time in a couple months.  This is when it dawned on me that one of the cleaning ladies, who come once every two weeks to dust, mop and wipe down the baseboards, must have broken them.  I also realized that whoever broke them must have purposefully moved the figures to disguise that they were damaged.  One, which was a unicorn, had its entire horn missing – nowhere to be found.  Which indicates that it was thrown out so that I wouldn’t notice it lying separately from the body.

Continue reading

Get a Side Hustle

My journey to abundance is taking all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. It started with going underwater on my mortgage, took a detour into credit card and car loan territory, explored high end consumerism and then crossed into Ramsey land with the precise goal of getting debt free. I have also downsized my belongings, which encourages spending less. While spending less is a sure-fired way to increase net worth over time, my urgency to be debt free got me thinking about how I could speed up my progress. Continue reading

Run to Challenges & Take Accountability

Sometimes at  work we get presented with problems that we don’t want to deal with.  It reminds me of when I was in the school and I would look down to avoid eye contact if the teacher asked a question I wasn’t prepared to answer.  Similarly this can happen at work.  A problem occurs and everyone wants to look away because they feel unprepared to offer  a solution.  These challenges are intimidating; and because nobody else wants them, I suggest that you should run to them. Continue reading

Getting Things Done & Email Productivity

David Allen believes he mastered the art of Getting Things Done.  In his book, he puts forward some valuable tips.  One in particular is how to handle email.  Before I outline his email process, however, I will explain his philosophy regarding stress free productivity.  As I applied several of his techniques, my own stress decreased, and that is a great feeling.

Allen explains that  when we juggle multiple projects, jobs, personal responsibilities, and household chores we can become overwhelmed by “loose ends.”  Continue reading