Seven Principles for Success

There are seven principles that, when follwed, deliver the results you desire.  This is true whether your goal is tied to finances, fitness, career or your social life.  They are well known to everyone who has seen a measure of success in their lives, and most likely, you already know them too. Know what you want andContinue reading “Seven Principles for Success”

Put First Things First

Six months ago, a podcast challenged me about my priorities.  It asked me to list out my priorities, which was easy enough.  Heck, I’ve had the same ones my entire adult life. Family, Faith, Health, Work, and Social Life – in that order.     The podcast then asked me to re-evaluate my priorities based on how I actuallyContinue reading “Put First Things First”

Start With Why

In Start With Why author Simon Sinek helps leaders understand that a clear Why is foundational to business. Your Why should shape how you do what you do.  It should be at the core of every pursuit.  Taking action that is triggered by the emotional flex of a profound Why will result in on-point marketing that connects you with partnersContinue reading “Start With Why”

Create an Entrepreneurial Gap

Give more than you get. This is a saying I have used for years.  I want to be, and always encourage others to be, the person who gives the most.  Intuitively I know this approach is advantageous, but until I read a recent article (link below), I was unable to clearly express why that is. Continue reading “Create an Entrepreneurial Gap”