Listen to Your Inner Critic: It’s giving you tough love

As an advocate for positive thinking, I have spent a fair deal of time silencing my inner critic. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it’s a remnant from my willful dismissal of the outrageous thoughts I had  while suffering from depression; and secondly, it’s a fearful reaction of wanting to shut down negativity before itContinue reading “Listen to Your Inner Critic: It’s giving you tough love”

You’re the Villain When You Force Your Rules on Others

Somebody who used to be close with my family thinks I’m a villain. Ok, maybe not that I’m an outright villain, but definitely that I’m a bad guy. For the time that we were close, I gave advice and friendship by encouraging her personal development. My typical advice was along the lines of, be respectfulContinue reading “You’re the Villain When You Force Your Rules on Others”

Think Like a One Percenter

You all know I’m on a journey to affluence, as I like to call it.  On this journey I’m learning just how much my upbringing has programmed me to believe that financial wellbeing is the result of hard work.  Yet through practicing the law of attraction, I’ve been presented evidence time and again that it’sContinue reading “Think Like a One Percenter”

22 Things I’m Grateful For & 3 Tips to Stay Positive

An attitude of gratitude is foundational to an abundance mindset. Every morning and every night, I take a few minutes to count my blessings. Lately, I’ve noticed that many of the items I list are material in nature and cost substantial money including my handbags, my car, and my home. I love these things becauseContinue reading “22 Things I’m Grateful For & 3 Tips to Stay Positive”

My 6 Keys to Happiness

Happiness is a choice. I know it’s cliché to say, but I have found it to be true. In the past I was often dissatisfied with life, in response I threw myself into work and volunteerism – signing up for all sorts of projects. Somewhere along the way, I associated happiness with accomplishment. I setContinue reading “My 6 Keys to Happiness”

Difference Between Reasons & Excuses

Last week I posted an article on how success can make others feel mediocre.  I started by sharing a list of excuses I made for not achieving my weight loss goals after seeing a colleague’s weight loss success.  This got me thinking about excuses.  I recall a conversation with a friend I felt also madeContinue reading “Difference Between Reasons & Excuses”

Success Can Make Others Feel Mediocre

A colleague of mine lost a lot of weight.  She changed how she eats, how she exercises and many other aspects of her daily life to accomplish this goal.  Two things happened when I saw her for the first time in a couple of years.  First, I was blown away by the dramatic change andContinue reading “Success Can Make Others Feel Mediocre”

Thinking by Walter Wintle

Every once in a while something will come into my awareness on multiple occasions during a short period of time.  When this happens, I take note, especially when it’s something that is new to me. I’ve found that these situations offer me personal meaning.  Some friends tease that I’m superstitious, and I am, but in these instances I tend to feelContinue reading “Thinking by Walter Wintle”

Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Desire

Last week I watched a video on Facebook that brought out strong reactions from viewers.  It showed a man holding a scratcher lottery ticket that was worth $500.  The video consists of him walking up to four people individually – so there are four clips made into one video.  Two of the interactions occurred in seemingly affluentContinue reading “Limiting Beliefs Sabotage Desire”