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You all know I’m on a journey to affluence, as I like to call it.  On this journey I’m learning just how much my upbringing has programmed me to believe that financial wellbeing is the result of hard work.  Yet through practicing the law of attraction, I’ve been presented evidence time and again that it’s alignment with my goals and inspired action which deliver the greatest results.  Even so, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I have to fight hard for what I have.

I already worked out that this was probably because of limiting beliefs that are working against me, but I couldn’t pin point which ones.  Cue Stephen Edwards.  I attended a seminar he taught on real estate investing.  Within the first hour of his presentation he called out the exact beliefs I was looking for.  I think that because they are very common sayings, people tend to overlook them for the culprits they are.  Stephen named several phrases that I know you will all be familiar with, and then he explained the fallacy of each.  I’m excited to share this with you.
How the 99% think: Time is money.
How the 1% think: Time is freedom.  The time you use cannot be replaced, but money can be replaced.  That alone is the greatest evidence that time is not money.   Wealthy people understand that money is really a tool for wielding power.  It gives you a voice and the power to choose what you want.  With enough money, you gain financial freedom which, put simply, means you can devote your time to pursing the activities you are passionate about while knowing that you have sufficient income to sustain your lifestyle.
How the 99% think: If you want things done right, do it yourself.
How the 1% think: If you want things done right, hire the best person for the job.  You don’t want to be a jack of all trades, master of none.  You want to be a master of influence who identifies and uses the best person for fulfilling your plans.
How the 99% think: The harder you work, the more you get.
How the 1% think: The smarter you work, the more you get.  In other words, find efficiencies by leveraging tools and knowledge already in place.  Build a power team and let every person do what they are best equipped to do.
How the 99% think: You need money to make money.
How the 1% think: You need creativity to make money.  If you have an inventive solution to a problem which plagues a market segment, hone your presentation skills (or add somebody to your Power Team with them) and find capital through investors or a bank.
How the 99% think: There’s no such thing as free money.
How the 1% think: Free money is available via grants, investors, credit cards, and bank loans.  Yes, you may have to give equity or pay interest, but structure the agreement so that these come from the company and not you personally.  Therefore you pay from your proceeds.  By working with an attorney (another great Power Team member), you can structure your contracts to protect your personal assets.  You can even get this done for free by agreeing to pay the attorney out of your investor funds or business loan.
Attending Stephen Edwards workshop was an exciting affirmation to my changing views on money.  I recommend people to check out his YouTube channel here.  It contains a lot of the content he discussed during the seminar, and then some.
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